If you live in an older home, especially those built between the late 1800s and mid-1900s, you may have a gravity heating system in your home. Unlike traditional furnaces, gravity heaters don’t have fans to force air through your home’s ductwork. Instead, the heating system relies on the properties of gravity to allow warm air to rise through your ducts and into your house. While they may not be as efficient as modern forced-air heating systems, they do contain fewer parts and can have a much longer lifespan. Raco Air is experienced with working on gravity furnaces in California, so if yours needs repairs or replacement parts, we’re ready to help.

Your gravity heating system is most likely located in your basement, but it may also be found in your floor or in a wall. When something malfunctions inside your gravity furnace, it’s important to have a professional inspect the issue and provide the proper repairs. Raco Air will thoroughly inspect your system and diagnose the problem, giving you peace of mind that the problem will soon be remedied. We’ll also gladly discuss your other heating options, so if you’ve often thought about replacing your gravity furnace with a modern forced-air system, we’ll help you choose the right size and model of furnace.

If your home has a gravity furnace and you’re not sure why it’s not working properly, give Raco Air a call today. We’re proud to serve the residents of Torrance, as well as those in the surrounding communities.