Gas valve operation may seem fairly straightforward, but when something goes wrong, it’s usually not a straightforward repair. The experts at Raco Air in Torrance can inspect and replace a faulty gas valve, keeping your home free from the risk of a gas leak. The gas valve controls the flow of natural gas into your furnace, and we can provide the necessary repairs when something goes wrong with the operation of the valve.

Raco technicians can install a new gas valve if necessary, and can recommend the proper valve model for your furnace. We know how to properly install combination gas valves and understand how to regulate the gas pressure through the new valve. Once we’re done installing the valve, we’ll check everything for proper fitting and operation, helping you feel confident that your furnace is working more efficiently.

No matter how old or new your home’s furnace, Raco Air can provide the parts and repairs it needs to continue working for many years. If you think the gas pressure isn’t adequate in your furnace, or that your heating system has to work too hard to keep your house warm, give us a call today. An experienced technician will arrive as soon as possible, equipped with the tools and expertise to get your furnace running smoothly again in no time. We’re fully bonded and insured, and you can reach us at 310-974-8697 or you can send us an email at We look forward to meeting your gas valve needs in Torrance.