Keeping your home or business comfortable when the California weather turns chilly is a lot more difficult to do if your furnace has faulty or broken sensors or a faulty or broken circuit board. If your heat won’t turn on, you may need to repair or replace one of the sensors in your furnace or the entire control board. Your furnace uses various sensors to keep you, your family, and your staff safe, so it’s important to have your local heating contractors keep them in proper working order.

Furnaces made within the past ten years have a circuit board, also called an ignition control board, that initiates the ignition of your furnace in a series of steps that are completed in a specific order for safety purposes. Many of the steps are accompanied by sensors, which will shut down the system if they sense that their steps were not completed properly.

For example, one of the first things your furnace will do while igniting is turn on the induced draft motor, which ensures that the fumes produced get exhausted outside of the structure. Two sensors make sure that this step is completed properly; the pressure switch sensor senses whether the draft motor has produced enough of a pressure change to close the pressure switch, and the rotation sensor on the draft motor shaft senses whether or not the shaft is spinning properly. If the pressure switch is open or the draft motor shaft is not spinning correctly, the system will shut down the ignition cycle.

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