A split system air conditioning setup is ideal for residential and commercial locations where space is limited and ductwork isn’t accessible or present. At Raco Air, we’ve installed split systems all over Torrance and can help you cool down a particular room or area  in your home or business. A split system AC consists of an smaller outdoor unit that connects to a single, or sometimes multiple, indoor units that are hung above head height on the wall. They’re perfect for smaller residences such as apartments, or rooms that have been added on but don’t have ductwork running to them.

When we install a split system, we attempt to minimize the amount of demolition we need to do in order to run the refrigerant line from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. The refrigerant pipe is small and is attached to the back of the indoor unit, so you won’t have to worry about any unsightly holes or lines in your wall. We’ll drill the holes and run the refrigerant line with precision, leaving both the exterior and interior of your home or business with a clean and finished look.

When summer arrives, there may be certain rooms or spaces that get warmer than others, so if you want to provide better climate control in a particular area of your home or business, a split system AC might be the way to go. We can install and attach one or several indoor units, giving you control over how cool and comfortable your interior space can be. Call Raco Air today for split system installation in Torrance.