For those that own large buildings, it can be very costly to cool them during the summer. With a building full of employees, the interior temperatures can rise quickly. If your rooftop air conditioning units have to work hard to keep up with your cooling demands, they can go through a lot of wear and tear in a season. At Raco Air, we can inspect and repair your rooftop units, making sure that they’re clear of debris and working properly, and can also install new units if there aren’t enough to cool your building or your current units are outdated.

Picking the right model of rooftop AC is essential to the energy efficiency of your building. If your older systems were loud, we can install new, quieter units. We’ll check each connection to ensure that cool air is properly circulated into the structure and that each unit has enough room to dissipate the warm air that’s generated. Newer rooftop air conditioners also take up less space and provide better energy savings than older models, so if you’re tired of seeing your monthly utility bill go up each time, we can help.

Keeping your business cool during the summer can be difficult if your rooftop AC units are working overtime to provide enough cold air. If you’re planning to refurbish your roof, or you’ve added more area to your store or warehouse, Raco can install new rooftop package units that keep everyone inside comfortable all season long.