Are you still relying on window units and box fans to cool off your home or commercial office building during California summers? We understand that people often avoid installing central air conditioning systems in their homes or commercial buildings because of the significant upfront cost compared to the upfront cost of wall or window units, but few realize that their structures are probably already fitted for the task. Forced air systems are the most common heating systems in the United States, and if you have forced air heating, then you already have the ductwork necessary for a central air conditioning system. All you need is the additional cooling equipment.

Forced air furnace heating systems heat air within a centralized location and then force or push that heated air through ductwork and into the structure in order to produce a uniform temperature throughout. If your home or commercial building has a forced air system and you’re ready to invest in a forced air cooling solution, it is time you contact our air conditioning professionals for a free estimate. Already have a forced air AC system? Don’t ignore signs of trouble! Give us a call as soon as it starts acting up so that we can save you money in the long run.

Our company has over 20 years of experience with air conditioner repair services, and we are ready to help you through any repairs, replacements, or installations that you may need.  We’ll take care of your central AC installation quickly and professionally.