Having an air conditioning system that circulates cool air effectively is always a plus, but you may have noticed that you have trouble breathing during the hot days of summer when your AC is running most of the time. This could be due to mold spores and bacteria that have begun to grow in your HVAC system, and for those with allergies, this could be a potentially serious health risk. At Raco Air in Torrance, we take air quality very seriously, and offer UV lamp installation for your system, eliminating those mold spores and creating cleaner air for your home.

The coils of your cooling system are where mold and bacteria most like to grow, but with proper UV applications, you not only improve your air quality, you also improve your system performance. Mold can reduce airflow, but UV lamps keep the coils clean, allowing them to work properly all season. Since the inside of your AC doesn’t see sunlight, UV lamps eradicate mold and bacteria that could cause problems in your home. We will recommend and install the proper UV lamp for your system, and can replace them once they’ve served their purpose and it’s time for new ones.

Keep your indoor air clean and pure by contacting Raco today and asking about UV lamps for air quality. UV light doesn’t use too much electricity, and by improving the performance of your cooling system, you may actually see savings on your monthly electric bill! Call us today at 310-974-8697 to find out more.