If your air conditioning system is not working properly or not working at all, there are several components that could be in need of repair or replacement. Many systems have an outdoor unit, which houses the compressor and the condenser, and an indoor unit, called an air handler. This main part is responsible for moving the air that has been cooled via processes performed by the outdoor unit throughout your home or commercial building. The air handler is vital to the cooling process, so when it loses power, stops blowing, or otherwise malfunctions, your air conditioner can’t effectively cool your structure.

The air handler is composed of a blower fan, a motor, sound dampers, and, if the system includes a heat pump, heat coils. If it is no longer blowing air, there could be a problem with the fan itself, the motor, the fan belt that connects the two, or a number of smaller, more complicated components. Air handler motors are often burned out by dust or other debris being introduced into the system from the air ducts. Maintaining a clean air filter can help prevent this from happening, but dust will still collect on the motor over time. Dust collection is most damaging on the motor’s bearings, which are responsible for reducing friction, allowing the motor to run effectively. Dirty bearings will eventually lose the ability to reduce friction, causing the motor to burn out.

If your air handler isn’t blowing like it used to or isn’t blowing at all, contact professional HVAC technicians to take care of your air conditioner repair needs. Raco Air provides reliable and experienced air conditioning service to Torrance, CA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free consultation.