Your air conditioner uses Freon or other refrigerants to move the warm air out of your home. If the levels are low, your system can’t do its job, and it won’t be successful in cooling your home or business during the hot, California summer. Although it may seem logical that your air conditioning system will eventually use up the refrigerant it has, this is not the case. Refrigerant has a specific chemical composition that allows it to convert easily from a liquid state to a gaseous state and back again, but while electricity is expended during this process, the amount of refrigerant does not change. If your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your home or commercial building effectively, and you’re low on refrigerant, there is most likely a leak somewhere within the system.

Refrigerant leaks should be taken care of immediately after the problem is identified. Freon and R-22, which are the most common refrigerants, are chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs, which are being phased out of the HVAC industry because they damage the ozone. Because of these environmental concerns, they are controlled substances monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency, and failing to fix a leak could result in hefty fines.

When it comes to repairing refrigerant leaks and otherwise dealing with this dangerous fluid, homeowners, business owners, and HVAC contractors must adhere to specific guidelines set by the EPA. Don’t run the risks of trying to repair a leak yourself. Air conditioner repair is a tricky business, and It’s likely you won’t even be able to find the Freon leak. Raco Air provides air conditioning service to Torrance, CA and the surrounding area. We be at your home or business quickly to find and repair any refrigerant leaks there might be in your system. Contact our experienced team today for a free consultation.