Moving into a new home or commercial space can be very exciting, but if the house or building doesn’t have central air conditioning, those California summers can quickly become unbearable. There might be room for window air conditioners or single-room cooling systems, but it can be beneficial to install AC throughout the entire structure. At Raco Air in Torrance, we can handle any air conditioning retrofit and installation that your home or business needs.

With older homes, it can sometimes be tricky to install new ductwork and vents without changing the structures of the walls and ceilings. We can recommend the best setup for your house, and show you all the options we offer, including central and split-system AC. If the current air conditioning system has been recalled, parts for it or no longer being manufactured, or it needs to upgraded to allow for an approved refrigerant, we can handle the removal and replacement of the unit. This is especially applicable to commercial spaces that have older rooftop AC units.

If you’d like to know more about our home AC repair, or think that a retrofit would benefit your business, contact Raco Air today. We’ve served the Torrance area for over 20 years, and our experience in the heating and cooling industry allows us to provide our customers with the best service, as well as the best prices. We want every one of our clients to enjoy a comfortable and cool home or business, especially when those California temperatures begin to rise.