Having a functional air conditioner can make your summer much more enjoyable, especially when you come in out of the California heat. You set your AC at the proper temperature for when you’re gone, and have the thermostat programmed to turn the cooling system on before you get home. However, if you’ve noticed that your AC is running erratically or turning on when it’s not supposed to be, there could be a problem with the sensor or circuit board inside the thermostat.

The sensor’s job is to detect the temperature of the air coming into the AC’s evaporative coil, but if the sensor is knocked out of position, or the circuit board is faulty, it could be misreading the air temperature, causing your air conditioner to turn on when it doesn’t need to, or not run when it’s supposed to. Either situation can be cause for concern, especially if you come home to a house that’s too warm, and you have children or elderly adults that are living with you. Raco Air in Torrance can evaluate and repair all of your sensor and circuit board issues, and will do so with respect and honesty.

It’s important to have your AC regularly inspected and maintained, and by doing so, you can avoid major problems like fan malfunctions and refrigerant leaks, but also prevent less apparent issues like sensor failure and circuit board breakdown. Raco Air can provide professional air conditioner repair at any time, and we carry the parts that your AC needs, no matter what model or size it may be.