Sometimes, your central air conditioning system is the only thing standing between you and the heat of California summers, so when it develops problems you want to get them resolved as soon as possible. Can you hear a buzzing or clanging noise coming from the outside unit of your AC system? There could be a problem with your condenser or, more likely, with your condenser fan motor.

A system’s condenser is one of the two main parts housed in the system’s outdoor unit, the other being the compressor. Liquid refrigerant with a chemical composition ideal for converting from a liquid to a gas and back again is used to transfer heat through the system. This fluid enters the air conditioner condenser coils in its gaseous state via the compressor. It arrives as a hot, high-pressure gas that is then condensed back into its liquid state, releasing heat as it does. The condenser fan blows outdoor air over the coils, transferring heat to the outdoor air while allowing the gas to condense.

If your condenser fan won’t run, runs intermittently, runs very slowly, or won’t stop running, it may need to be repaired or replaced. There are a number of possible issues that can arise with a condenser fan. Your condenser may experience blockages caused by plantlife and other debris, and the coils can freeze if there is an airflow restriction such as a clogged return air vent. Whatever your problem with your air conditioner condenser or condenser fan motor may be, the experts at Raco Air can help. Contact your California air conditioning repair team for a free estimate today.