When summer arrives, you most likely spend the most amount of time in one or two rooms. When you’re not outside, you’re most likely in your living room or your bedroom. Keeping the entire house cool can take quite a bit of energy, and if you’re not using certain rooms, why pay more to cool them down? At Raco Air in Torrance, we can install AC zoning systems and thermostats in your home, helping you save on your energy costs and cool the rooms that you want to.

Since heating and cooling costs make up a large chunk of your monthly utility bills, being smart about your energy usage can make quite a difference. While the initial costs of an HVAC zoning system may seem steep, the savings will more than pay for the installation. With programmable thermostats in certain rooms, you can keep the areas cool that you want, and leave the others at a normal temperature. If you have guest rooms that are rarely used, you can shut the door and set the thermostat in that zone so the dampers close and you don’t waste any cool air.

Raco Air can recommend the proper AC zoning for your home, and as your air conditioning company in Torrance, we will always be honest and forthright with our quotes and service estimates. Cool the rooms in your home that matter most, and you’ll have a more enjoyable summer, while also saving money on your monthly energy bill. Give us a call today!