A thermostat can sometimes be the most contested thing in a household, as each family member feels that they know best as to what temperature it should be set. Thermostats have come a long way in the past twenty years, and at Raco Air, we know that having a programmable thermostat that you can understand is very important to a homeowner. If you’re having issues with your AC thermostat, or you feel that your air conditioner is running too often because of an old thermostat, please call us right away.

When the summer temperatures begin to rise, you want to come home to a house that’s cool and comfortable. However, you don’t want your AC to run too much and waste energy while you’re not home. With touch screen thermostats, WiFi-enabled models, and learning thermostats, you can set the temperature inside at a certain level while you’re at work, and your air conditioner will come on exactly when you want it to, properly cooling your house before get home. The Raco Air team has experience with all kinds of thermostats, and can replace your outdated model with a newer and smarter version.

By installing a new programmable thermostat in your home, you can reduce your monthly energy bill and extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system. If you have questions about thermostat models, installation, or replacement, please contact Raco Air in Torrance today. We can help you find the proper model for your cooling system, and explain how it works and how best to operate it. Hopefully, with a new thermostat, there will no longer be any arguments over what the best temperature setting is for your home.